Advisory and Corporate Services


Serica’s Advisory practice offers marketing advisory services with a focus on China and South East Asia. We help build sales channels for multinational clients who wish to enter and grow their businesses in China and other Asian growth markets through organic strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and partnerships. We help Chinese clients who wish to enter and grow their businesses in Europe through strategic alliances, partnerships and mergers and acquisitions.

We have deep practical experience of establishing sales channels and alliances in various industrial sectors in both China and Europe, with special expertise in commercial due diligence.

We provide fact-based, strategy-driven solutions tailored specifically to your organization, your growth objectives, and your specific situation. To ensure the relevance of our advice, we emphasize on going directly to market participants for exclusive information and insights.

Because we offer advice based on a clear understanding of your strategic objectives and the unbiased truth about Chinese markets and industry dynamics, our services allow you to:

  • Identify undiscovered growth opportunities
  • Acquire the ‘right’ companies at attractive valuations
  • Integrate deals quickly to drive growth and improve competitive positioning

Serica provides a complete palette of advisory services: (click graphics for details)

Feasibility study Route to market strategy

Channel identification Sales & Marketing planning

At a glimpse, China is one big promising market for western businessmen. When zooming in, the vast land has too many segments and complications for western companies to make as grand an entry as planned. Lessons have been learnt the hard way. It is doubtless that it is important to assess the opportunity and determine approach thoroughly before risking unnecessary loss of valuable resources and time.

You could have the best product or service in the world, but it will fail if you don’t put it in front of the right customers. Which sales channels to put your resources into? Which channel partner to select? These are always significant questions directly resulting in how your time and money are invested. It is mandatory to have a full picture of the market landscape in order to determine the right positioning of your product or service.

Serica exists for companies who recognize the complexity it entails, and are determined to seize the China opportunity.

A complete set of services ensures efficient and effective use of time and money to build knowledge and work towards solid foothold in China: