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Case – Smart Metering

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Serica’s Partners in the industrial Energy sector have established a strong footprint in the European Smart Metering implementation. Their efforts have been the key factor for the most secure and advanced end to end solutions which are currently in operation, bringing hourly and quarterly load profiles at a success rate  of 99,9%.

Reference Projects include:

  • Energi Midt (Denmark), full smart grid functionality resulting in significant reduction of network losses. The implemented system architecture operates the district heating infrastructure over the smart meter solution.
  • Deutsche Telekom / T-Systems (Germany), defined smart gateway architecture for Deutsche Telekom’s  Multi Utility Server (MUS).
  • ELRO recently acquired by Energi Midt
  • NRGI (Denmark), by far the most advanced use case
  • Eandis (Belgium), successfully launched 30K smart meter pilot
  • SEAS NVE (Denmark), bringing great energy savings to consumers, over the network adoptions of PV as soon as installed.
  • Infrax (Belgium), supplied 2K smart meters from Infrax’s pilot program.
  • Built joint venture between European venture capital fund and leading Chinese electricity meter manufacturer

The above projects is currently considered lighthouses of the industry and many European DNO’s have significantly benefitted from knowledge base these projects have provided.

Serica professionals have been advising DNO’s over all of Europe, the Middle East and South America and have prepared business cases for leading network operators, Telco’s and system integrators and they are members of the leading international smart energy organizations and workgroups distributing knowledge and best practices.